Saturday, 3 December 2011

For the ladies!

I recently bought a pair of zaggora hot pants,

What are they?  Well, while you use it, it increases your core strength, tightens your abs, thighs and butt, helps cellulite and even helps you lose weight.  They guarantee you'll lose 2 dresses wearing these for 2 weeks.  I highly recommend them to anyone!  I normally wear them from the morning until late evening, especially while working out and going for a walk.  It actually makes working out easier since it makes your core exceptionally strong.  Also while going for a walk, it makes it a little hard which is great!

Are you looking to get fit for your new years resolution?  Well these are a great start.  Next would be grabbing some p90x movies or slim and limber and start doing 20-60 min of it 4-6 times a week combining with mixing it up with an hr min yoga.  You'll be able to shed those pounds faster then you can ever imagine, have fun while doing it and looking exceptional in no time!  None of this silly cardio machine workouts.  I haven't touched a machine for a long time.  If anything, use a skip rope or dance!  The full body strength training will ALWAYS be the best thing you can do.

Combine those with at least two protein smoothies a day, liquid omega 3- 1 a day and not eating past 8pm!

Yep, it's really that simple.

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